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From: Jack Mason, CDP
CEO, Magic Learning Systems
Creator of the MasterMind Power Learning System
Riverton, Utah,

Dear Friend,

     For less than the cost of tickets to the Big Game, you can now give your K-12, homeschool, or college student the educational software tools they've been searching for to dramatically improve their test results and grades:

        Master Accelerated Learning

        Unlock Your Power Memory

        Slash Homework Time

        In Most Any Subject

        At Any Grade or Skill Level.

MasterMind Power Learning System

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MasterMind Power Learning System
Study Module:  $99.97    INCLUDED

When you download today you will also receive
7 Power Learning Sets:  $140.00    INCLUDED


     Today you will also receive the MasterMind Creator module -- to easily and quickly create an unlimited number of Power Learning Sets on virtually any subject:  $60.00    INCLUDED


     Watch your student's eyes light up as homework assignments become exciting and easy, tests become child's play, and learning becomes delightful and lasting.

     Load up the Study and Automatic Review modules and relish the satisfaction of seeing your children master World History or Spanish... or Phonics... or Basic Arithmetic Facts... or Algebra and Calculus.

     Activate the Survey module and thrill as they quickly learn speeches (like "The Gettysburg Address"), long poems (like "The Raven" and "The Cremation of Sam McGee"), or important documents (like the "Declaration of Independence").

Try the amazing MasterMind educational software system today... give your children and yourself the INCREDIBLE MasterMind accelerated learning advantage...

Don't you deserve it?

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  Imagine --

Imagine your kids winning the spelling bees, the math competitions, the admiration of friends and family -- and those important and valuable scholarships.

  Will your children excel?   

  • Donna's ten-year-old earned
    "The President's Education Award
    for Outstanding Achievement."
  • Leslie learned conversational Japanese in less than 15 hours.
  • Reuben grabbed first place in state MathCounts competition and won a life-changing trip to Washington, D.C.


  Over Half the Periodic Table
    in 20 Minutes

"The Magic Learning package arrived today.... It is the best money I have ever spent. I learned 60 elements of the periodic table in 20 minutes.... Unbelievable!"

Peter B.
Brisbane, Australia

  Honors Student
    Slashes Homework Time

"Getting good grades has always been pretty easy for me... but with MasterMind I finish my homework so fast I feel like I'm cheating!"     :)

Makani H.
Sandy, Utah

  Mom Amazed...
    Six-Year-Old Yells for More!

"I just have to tell everyone what happened. I was amazed!

"My six-year-old daughter has been desperately wanting to learn to read. We have been reading books, but she just wasn't getting it. So, I programmed MasterMind with 20 new words for her to learn.

"She learned the words in 15 minutes flat! And then hollered until I programmed more in for her! She absolutely LOVES it."

Amie D.
Fairfield, Pennsylvania

    Turns 'D's and 'F's to 'A's and 'B's

"My daughter is twelve and has been using MasterMind for 2 months 20 minutes a day. Her math grade went from an F to a C in 3 weeks! Geography went from a D to a B!! :-) I don't know who was more excited... me or her!! She said, 'Mom, I didn't even realize I was learning anything -- till it just started happening!... Mom, this is like magic!!'

"Thank you MLS for this super product. Everyone should own it!! :-)"

Two months later, an update email:

"....[This summer] my daughter is using it to get a headstart on algebra, so she will be ready for school when it starts up! :-) [She] has never been this interested in learning. She loves MasterMind! I do too!! :-)"

Charlotte R.
Lewisville, Arkansas

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MasterMind Power Learning System for Windows

(but today you pay only $47)

Yes! I want to slash homework time, master learning skills and dramatically increase test results. Send me the download link for the MasterMind Power Learning System.

Yes! I want to create and customize my own Power Learning Sets... please include the MasterMind Creator module

Yes! Please also include my personal Power Learning Pack, with the 7 Bonus Power Learning Sets listed below.

What You Receive Value
The MasterMind Learning System Study Module   $99.97 
Bonus #1 The MasterMind Creator Module   $60.00 
Bonus #2 American History Power Learning Set   $20.00 
Bonus #3 U.S. State Capitals Power Learning Set   $20.00 
Bonus #4 English Vocabulary Power Learning Set   $20.00 
Bonus #5 World History Power Learning Set   $20.00 
Bonus #6 Multiplication Facts Power Learning Set   $20.00 
Bonus #7 Nations of the World Power Learning Set   $20.00 
Bonus #8 U.S. Presidents Power Learning Set   $20.00 
 Total: $299.97 
Power Learning Pack Special: $47   

Limited Back-To-School Special

"Speed Learn and Master
Most Any College, Trade School, K-12,
or Home School Subject
In 20 Minutes A Day or Less, Guaranteed!"


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