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How to Have a Photographic Memory When It Didn’t Come Naturally

The majority of people who hear of photographic memory believe it is something you have to be born with. That is not the case.

Just about anyone can have a photographic memory, you just have to know how to train your mind to recall information in the same manner that people born with photographic memory can. It does take patience and a good amount of practice. The best way to go about it is to looking into courses, which can show you how to train your memory. There are a number of different types of training methods that are available, books, video, audio, and there are seminars and other forms of personal instruction that can be of assistance. You have probably heard people talk about how the brain stores everything you see and hear. It records just like a computer. The trick to being able to access and recall all that information is being able to train your memory.

Training your mind to place information properly is the best way to attain the fast and effective recall that comes with photographic memory. Most people without these skills have to sit and sort through all the information for that one piece they are looking for.

Method 1 – Association

Association is one of the first things that you will learn when it comes to obtaining a photographic memory. This comes in useful for things like first encounters. You never have to worry about remembering a persons name because you will know how to associate their name with something that will allow you to remember who they are.

For example, if you meet someone named Jonah and they are a large person, you can always think of their name as a reference to Jonah and the whale, a story from the bible. While that may be cruel, it’s a great way to remember and that’s what association is all about.

Method 2 – Pictures

It’s also useful if you have the ability to think in pictures when you want to learn how to use your photographic memory. For example, if you’re learning a phone number and you can visually “see” the number in your mind’s eye, simply calling it up visually might help you. Or, you can visualize the telephone keypad when you try to recall the number and know the telephone number’s numeric positions on the keypad.

These are just two examples of how you can train your own memory to take on the benefits of a photographic memory. There are a number of places that you can pick up more information on how you can train your memory. There are books, video and audio series to assist you and it is important to remember that practice is essential to being able to train your memory.