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Seeing many samples will help you get the idea of what a good academic paper is.

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Get the needed number of samples and see how well papers should be written. Read through the topics you need.

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Write your own piece after reading our academic examples.

Writer's block? Empty paper anxiety? Inspiration drain? – You obviously need a little magic to get unstuck and craft whatever paper you need. It's right about time to turn to! We offer you the largest sample database on the Web – over 1 MILLION examples of academic writing to fire up your enthusiasm and boost your writing skills. Sign up today, and let the magic begin!

MagicLearning Academic Writing Sample Database Features

They say, magic, like technology, is a tool. We offer you an extremely effective and 100% practical tool to get virtually any paper started and finished with flying colors. Expertly crafted samples of all possible types, shapes, and sizes provide you with everything you need to learn by the best examples (which, as you know, is much better than precept).

Check out the main features of our service:

  • Over 1 million samples – as far as we're concerned, this is the largest collection of example papers on the Internet that covers all fields of academia.
  • All samples are downloadable – you don't see that too often on any other paid or free online academic database.
  • Convenient categorization by topics and paper types is designed to make browsing our database smooth and offer multiple options.
  • Using our database for learning purposes absolutely complies with academic integrity principles and education-related legislation. This means is an entirely legit resource.

The combination of these features is what makes arguably the best website to browse and download good academic writing examples on the Web. Try it today to succeed in writing and learning – use this powerful tool to make magic happen!

Practical Uses of an A-Level Academic Writing Example

Here are several practical tips on how you can use academic writing samples from the MagicLearning database to your utmost benefit:

  • Find new topic ideas or discover new perspectives on previously raised issues.
  • Analyze expertly written texts, spot best writing and formatting practices, and then implement them in your work.
  • Use samples as full-fledged models to follow or as templates to outline your future piece.
  • Find great sources in relevant papers that you can use to discover new data and enhance your research.
  • You can even use samples for referencing! Start finding relevant samples and using them as part of your regular writing routine – and you will seamlessly take your writing skills to a new level. After all, magic is not always fireworks and fanfare; often, it's quiet and sneaks up on you, contributing to amazing results.

Wondrous Benefits a Great Academic Paper Example Can Bring You

You must know that practice makes perfect. When you continually practice writing with the help of our samples, you can rightly expect to benefit big time in a middle-term perspective. At some magic moment, you will realize that you have:

  • Improved your writing skills, mastered putting words together in a better way, and learned how to painlessly churn out one paper after another;
  • Forgot what writer's block or empty page anxiety is and gained the self-confidence to face any writing challenge. As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, "Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen";
  • Once the writing alchemy starts working, you could achieve what previously seemed impossible – accomplish any writing assignment twice faster than before!
  • Eventually, your writing progress cannot but positively affect your overall performance and improve grades

Yes, it will require a certain share of effort to succeed. But have you heard the saying, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime"? What our database offers is not as much as magic but rather a "fishing" wand that will surely help you rise up to any writing challenge and get through college and/or university easier and with less stress.

We understand: simple solutions and quick fixes are attractive. Who wouldn't wish to wave a magic wand and get the job done effortlessly? However, real wizardry doesn't work that way. Even the mightiest wizard of them all – Harry Potter, of course – had to grind away at his studies to become what we now know he is. Buy the required number of samples and start learning writing magic today!

Succeed in Writing with One of the Best Academic Databases on the Web!

We at MagicLearning, strongly believe that great academic examples should be added to the list of the "10% inspiration and 90% perspiration" formula components. And our online database makes this ingredient available for students from all walks of life. Let a little magic take you on a path to faster and easier writing! Almost certainly, reading our samples is just the magic touch you've been lacking to succeed!

What other students say

Thousands of students duly appreciate our service and the opportunities it provides. Here's what some of them have to share about their experience with Magiclearning


Very rich database of English writing samples - starting from the topics and ending with the length of the written papers.


The only site that is helping me succeed in my studies. It offers it all for a great result, such as a wide range of papers and their high quality.


Absolutely helpful site that worked for me! I had the topic of English War for my history class but the words did not come easy to me. Finding a couple of examples here helped me generate my own vision of the paper.


Guys, thanks a bunch for this stuff. It helps me do even the most boring writing tasks much easier. Think I wouldn't cope without it.


This service is highly recommended to all students out there. Tons of papers on all the topics imaginable.


I’m using the search option here every time I need to write anything. Writing examples always give me fresh ideas on what to write about for my own paper.

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Unfortunately, no. We have coolest prices, though, with different time frames to choose from. We value the hard work of the authors which is why we want to minimize the risk of copypasting, so we do not offer any free access.
A large amount of our samples have been written by the professional hired writers. The rest is given to us from students with top grades and great results in writing. They donated their best works to us to help other students learn from their expertise. These are only the papers checked and estimated by their teachers. Our Quality Assurance Department revised them, too. This way we can be sure to provide all our customers with high-quality examples only.
We do not recommend doing so as copy pasting may result in at least two negative things. First, it may be regarded as academic fraud and be punishable in your educational institution. Second, you may be accused of submitting a plagiarised paper as it could have been already checked with Turnitin by someone.
Yes, with us you can order content plans, expert research, cover letter writing, Linkedin resume writing and CV writing.