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Why Online Math Tutors Are Increasingly Fashionable

In the last few years we have seen technology in the IT world improve dramatically. Both desktop and laptop computers have greater processing power and our internet connections have become substantially quicker. In response to this improving technology there are many companies now offering tuition over the web, with the online maths tutor proving very popular. Here we look at the five key reasons that driving people to go for online tuition rather than more traditional methods.


As online tutors can deliver to many pupils at the same time, the providers are able to charge less per hour than a private tutor would cost. Typically you can expect an online tutor to cost between 30 and 40% less.

Hassle free

Thanks to VIOP capabilities and interactive whiteboards the student can receive a high level of tuition without having to leave home. This means that there is no travel time, tuition can be arranged to suit your timetable and parents aren’t tied to transporting their child.

Better tutors

The process of finding a private maths tutor can be both difficult and time consuming. In contrast you can be sure of a good level of service from providers of online tuition. The reason for this is that they are able to provide tutors with higher wages and thus attract better applicants for the position.

Customized tuition

Online tuition providers will monitor the performance and provide feedback. As a result parents and the student can target areas of weakness and attend relevant classes to remedy the problem.

Student interaction

There is strong evidence to suggest that students achieve the best results when they study in groups in additional to receiving one-on-one tuition. An online maths tutor can deliver on both fronts thanks to the fact the class can be split into several groups. Therefore each student is able to receive personalised guidance from the tutor in addition to working through problems in a group of three or four.

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