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Feedbacks from our customers:

The Magic Learning package arrived today…. It is the best money I have ever spent. I learned 60 elements of the periodic table in 20 min … unbelieveable!

– P B – Brisbane, Australia

The most incredible learning system available today!

– D B – Alabama

I just have to tell everyone what happened. I was amazed!

My 6 year old daughter has been desperately wanting to learn to read. We have been reading books, but she just wasn’t getting it. So, I programmed MasterMind with 20 new words for her to learn. She learned the words in 15 minutes flat! And then hollered until I programmed more in for her! She absolutely LOVES it.

– A D – Pennsylvania

My daughter is 12 and has been using MasterMind for 2 months 20 minutes a day. Her math grade went from an F to a C in 3 weeks! Geography went from a D to a B!! πŸ™‚ I don’t know who was more excited… me or her!! She said, “Mom, I didn’t even realize I was learning anything — till it just started happening! This is a fun way to learn. Now I’m learning the History so I can remember names, places, and dates better. Mom this is like magic!!”

I am using it too, and it helps me remember better. You don’t realize you’re even learning. My daughter was right. It is like magic!

Thank you MLS for this super product. Everyone should own it!! πŸ™‚

– C R – Arkansas

The next email we received from C. R. was even more exciting:

“Since that last I mailed, my daughter is bringing home A’s in Math now!!! πŸ™‚

I can’t get over how powerful MasterMind is!!”

Next chapter: Getting ready for Back To School …

… [this summer] my daughter is using it to get a headstart on Algebra, so she will be ready for school when it starts up! πŸ™‚ [She] has never been this interested in learning. She Loves MasterMind! I Do Too!!:-)

It’s fun to use, like a trivia game….fun, easy, and effective. People are more likely to learn in an environment that’s enjoyable…like our favorite teacher.

– J. M. – New York

… my son 10 years old was using MasterMind the last 2 marking periods for school. Have not seen the final report card but last marking period he upped [his grades] a lot…. [and] at an assembly yesterday… he received the President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement!

[I’m] also programming it for my kindergartner to learn to read over the summer.

– D. K. – Pennsylvania

… the most effective way to secure our future and the futures of our children. MPLS is THE (in my opinion) most effective learning tool available.

– D. C. – Oklahoma

Hi N****,

The MasterMind Software will teach ANYTHING! I think that is what makes it so great. You can set up your own drills on anything, and I do mean anything! My husband is currently studying for his Electrical Master’s License, and I am … setting it up to help him. It is really easy to do, and this way, there are no limits as to what it can teach. Now just a few short months ago, I couldn’t even copy and paste so I am not any kind of computer expert by no means, but the software has a tutorial that is excellent, and the set up of additional drills is fast and easy. So the sky is the limit here. Just click on Creator and you are all set to go! Happy Learning!

Warmest Regards,

– R. S. – Georgia

Hey guys this software is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!


– M. –