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Methods On Becoming A Registered Nurse Fast

Do you want to be an RN but not want to take four years to complete a degree program? It is possible for you to start working as a nurse sooner rather then later by completing a diploma in nursing or an associate’s in nursing degree. This option will get you working quicker as an RN then a four year degree program would. If your main career goal is to be a nursing helping patients and not go into a manager role then this may the way to go. If later on in your career you change your mind and do wish to get into management you may need to return to school in order to complete an RN-BSN program. An easier way to do this if you are working full time may be to choose an RN to BSN Online program of study instead of one of the campus based programs.

The above is the quicker way to get into nursing as an RN. There is of course a longer way but with a higher degree and that is to pursue a 4 year degree in nursing where you earn a BSN.

If you have the time and know for sure you want more career opportunities then earning your BSN (four year) degree from the start may be a great idea for you. This will give you an opportunity to go into management and other career opportunities those with a lesser degree may not have.

Whatever choice you decide a key thing to do now is to compare all your options. This includes nursing schools and type of programs. Once that is done you can start applying for different schools. Keep in mind that all the schools will have different requirements to be accepted into their programs. In many cases you to get accepted into a nursing school you will need to take and do well on the nursing entrance test (NET) or other test. To prepare for a test one would be wise to good nursing study guides to help them do well. So to start the new year of 2009 off to a great start, you would be wise to take the time now to gather some information to help you make a good career decision.

Good News for Career Changers

In the closing days of 2008 things are not looking to great on the economic and employment radar’s for many industries. That does not appear to be as true with respect to the medical and health care career fields. Shortages of employees are common due to people retiring and not enough people having the proper training to enter the field. That can be good news for those looking to change careers or will be entering the workforce for the first time in the near future.

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