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Waldorf Homeschooling – Preparation and Benefits

Looking into homeschooling preparation

Homeschooling has always received some favorable response because of its effective learning process. Children that have been homeschooled does not consistently have higher marks but also develop some better skills. If you want your children to benefit from all the advantages associated with homeschooling you will require some preparations and some materials as well. In this article I will be providing some information on homeschooling and how to prepare you in the best possible way.

The curriculum is the first thing that you will need to think about when starting homeschooling. This will allow you some more time to focus on teaching your kids rather than spending time collecting information here and there in order to devise the study plan. When choosing your curriculum it is important that you make sure that it is appropriate for the learning style of your kids. This will really be beneficial for your kids.

The next thing that you will need to think about is the stuffs such as stationery so as to homeschool in optimal condition. You will not get many problems discovering such stuffs in all good libraries. Nowadays homeschooling uses a lot of computer software and it is significant that you make appropriate provision for this. This is only a quick list of the homeschooling activities that you will need and there are more things that you will plausibly require in the future.

It might also be important that you make some changes in your lifestyle too. Homeschooling is a commitment and you will perhaps need to stop working. In most cases this will mean that you will be living off only the income of one partner. You seriously need to think about this to make sure that you will be able to manage financially before going into homeschooling. It is important that both partners agree before entering homeschooling. This will avoid some unnecessary conflict in the future.

In order to be effective it is important that your homeschooling sessions are well planned. This will allow for an environment that is more conducive to learning and teaching. The only way to do this is to start all your preparations well before time to allow time for any modifications.

Learn About Home School Waldorf Diy Tips

With so many home schools teaching programs and options now becoming available for parents who want to Home School their children at home, the problem is no longer where to find the programs you need, but rather which one to use. The Waldorf system, used in both regular schools and for home schooling is one that is becoming increasingly popular. The Waldorf Home School system in unconventional in its approach to education and while it has been proven to produce intelligent, articulate and well rounded children, its unconventional nature makes many parents hesitate about using it.

Developed by Rudolph Steiner in the early 20th century, the concept behind a Home School Waldorf is what he called “developmentally appropriate education.” That is, it the way knowledge is imparted changes as a child develops. For this reason the Waldorf Home school system is divided into three distinct approaches to learning. In the early years children learn best through movement and imitation so the Waldorf home school system provides a program of imaginative play activities, rhythm based activities and music rather than teaching of common core subjects like maths and reading. The theory is that stimulating the mind at an early age prepares it to better absorb knowledge in later years, so that the standard subjects, although begun later that in in other systems, are understood both faster and in more detail. The Waldorf home school program is based on the concept that creativity encouraged in the early years will remain throughout life.

In the middle years, from 7 to 14, more conventional subjects ate taken up, but still with the imaginative approach. History is taught not just a dry facts and dates, but as adventures that happened to real people. Writing is taught by first teaching children to copy letters and than working with them to put the letters into sequences that become words. The logical process of creating a written text is emphasized. Reading come after writing and it is the child’s own writing work that serves as the first reading exercises.

After the age of 14, children have developed a sufficient intellectual capacity for them to pursue high levels of learning and it is from this age that the Waldorf home school aims at achieving higher levels of academic performance based on the child’s highly developed intellectual and creative abilities. The Waldorf home school system believes in children’s abilities to explore subject themselves (with, of course, adult guidance). While there can be a focus on special subject such as physics, maths, history etc., other subjects are not ignored as only a well rounded individual can excel in specialized fields.

The basics of the Waldorf Home School system are:

  • Learning first by doing and then theoretical understanding is introduced
    While some subjects may be given a greater focus, no subjects should be ignored as they all form part of a holistic knowledge base.
  • Life values of truth, loyalty, goodness and beauty and so on are imparted not by just telling children about them, but by placing the children in an environment where they form a part of their daily lives.
  • Children are discouraged from watching TV, playing video games and using computers (although computers may be allowed for older children) as they do not encourage the child to think and therefore inhibits his or her intellectual growth.

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