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How Bill Gates Provides Teaching for the Poor

Bill Gates is a person who is known to everyone in the world. Even small children in the world around are familiar with the name. He is listed in as one of the well-to-do man in the world consistently for several years. We will see, how rich people can change the society with their contribution by discussing a small, but big contribution Bill Gates is giving to his society. That is teaching for the poor.

The Mission

Bill Gates has formed a charity with his wife Melinda Gates to spread the tries to help poor students of different communities. The organization provides allowance for students who are coming from very low income families. They have named the scholarships as Bill Gates Scholarships. The students from different ethnic groups like Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics and Asian and Pacific Islanders are privileged under this scholarship. There are various scholarships based on the need of each option.

The foundation provides different amount of contribution to different type of organization. For example, historically black colleges and establishment who gives contribution to unfortunate family, the charity provides contribution.

Main advantage of scholar ships provided by the foundation is that it does not have too much practice to follow. The scholarships provided by the organizations include Gates Millennium Scholars Program, which is given to high scholarly students who are from unfortunate family.

Key Information on the Program

There is no hard and fast rules on the eligibility criteria for the student. A grade of 3.3 or a GED or even a graduate degree can make you eligible for the scholarship. This is how the program varies from other scholarship programs.

The main aim of the charity is to make the field of science and technology to reach all area of the society. The information and technology should not be denied to anyone. Hence the scholarship does not have the barrier of nationality. It is given to all who have a permanent residence license to US.

The scholarship provided by establishment does not cover the entire fees of any of the courses for which the students are studying for. But it will help the families to reduce their burden and teach their children. The graduate student will receive $15000/year while an undergraduate student gets $7000/year for pursuing their studies.

In addition to the scholarship received from gates charity, if the students can get an on campus job, it will be helpful for them to complete the classes without the help of any financial aid. The same can be obtained by applying for some other scholarship. If that is possible, the students need not worry about the repayment of loans after their studies.

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