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BTEC Diploma in Human Resources: Distance Learning Online Course

In the fast-paced business world of today it is vital that you have accredited and credible qualifications throughout your career. If you want to move on as a manager or specialist a recognised qualification is required.

Brighton School of Business & management is an online college that offers a variety of internationally recognised and UK-accredited courses that are ideal for specialists and managers. For anyone wishing to develop skills in personnel, human resources, or training, an excellent choice of professional development course is the Diploma in Human Resources Management Level 5, a qualification that is accredited by Edexcel BTEC UK and recognised worldwide by schools, colleges, universities, and public and private sector employers.

The Benefits of a Diploma in Human Resources Course

The Diploma in Human Resources distance learning course offers a number of benefits:

• it provides comprehensive knowledge and understanding of human resources management, covering: Management Accounting, Employment Law, Employee Relations, Recruitment and Selection, Human Resource Management, Managing Human Resources, Human Resource Development
• it is held in high regard by public and private sector employers all over the world
• it provides a platform for moving on to higher level business and management qualifications

Advantages of Online Distance Learning

The advantages of studying by distance learning include:

  • studying at home and-or at work at times convenient to you
  • studying at a pace that suits your personal style
  • time away from work is not needed

Study Time for the Human Resources Course

It normally takes between 9 and 15 months for students to finish the Diploma in Human Resources distance learning course.

Support from Your Personal Tutor

Upon registration, you will be assigned a UK-based Personal Tutor who will be contactable by mail, telephone, fax or email to talk to you about coursework and offer guidance and advice on your assignments.

Career Progression

If you want to advance professionally in other specialist areas, you can follow up this Diploma with other courses, in subjects like Leadership, Supply Chain Management, Events Management or Marketing Management. If your plan is to move into general management at the next stage of your career, then your best option would be the Diploma in Management Studies DMS.


If you need a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of human resources management and a qualification that is highly respected internationally, then the Diploma in Human Resources Management Level 5 is an excellent choice.

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