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How Education Can Impact Your Future

What’s education for you? It is really a process of knowing and getting information. Sure it’s our way to succeed. Parents should remember that education is extremely important for their children to get a brighter future. But we can’t deny the fact that its not all kids these days are going to school.

School Education Vs Life Experience

In school, we learn about just about everything that is certainly happening nowadays. This is exactly what we call the formal learning. In this way of learning, the teachers’ job is always to give knowledge, skills and information to the students. This can be a means for students to become an educated individuals. The second form of education is what we call self-taught learning. Or it’s commonly called our life experiences.

Because of life experiences, people think that they know much more about life and all kinds of things we see and experience here in the world. By doing this, we’re capable of learning for our own benefits. But, I do think this is simply not sufficient for many people. If possible, we have to also become educated with formal learning. Because with this form of learning, we’ve got more information about various aspects in life; like in the subjects Math, English, Science, etc. Even though we could easily learn many of the information in the subjects in school, it will be much better when we were able to know more about it.

At present, when we mention the phrase education, the point that first comes out inside our mind are our subjects we take up in school. But, could it be really just exactly about those subjects we commonly encounter in school? Well, it is not. With what I have mentioned in this post, there are two methods to become an educated person. This is actually the formal learning and the self-taught learning. Within our present life, its not all information we obtain at school can be applied in our life experiences. Being a person, we ought to find out about spiritual teachings. If we all develop spiritual teachings in life, we won’t just find out about subjects like Math, Science, English, etc., But we got to understand much more about ourselves. If we do possess spiritual teachings in our life, we’re effective at understanding about the importance, the meaning and values here in the world. Thus, we get to deal with life situations, which are not taught in formal learning.

There is this seminar about social marketing for school success in the Philippines. Visit this webpage. They stated that to be a student, you’re ought to know more about enhancing and developing quality, mind-set, values, character, courage and principles. From this, children won’t find out about what the teachers taught them in school but even about the spirituality of a person to manage situations in life. To train students about real life education program could be the goal and a challenge for educators.

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