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Intelligent Design Essay Example

In the article, “Science or Religion”, it show that many parents are continuously filing lawsuits against school districts because intelligent design has a hidden agenda and it is really known as creationism. In my opinion, I believe that science students should be taught and introduced to the ideology of intelligent design and leave it up to the student to accept it as valid or false. For instance, many people do not believe in the Big Bang Theory; however, it is up to the final determination of the student to accept it and still become educated about it. Moreover, it should be taught in science classes because it is gaining more public acceptance than in previous decades. A major reason for this is due to the fact that more people in general society believe that living things and human beings have existed since the beginning of time.

Yet, the people that oppose the intelligent design, or creationism do so because he or she may be firm believers in Biblical teachings and that God created man. It is also believed by the Christian that God was here before man and not the other way around it. I think that it is important to keep an open mind based on scientific evidence; in addition to Biblical teachings. People should not approach ideologies, or theories with one firm way to perceive it; but should stay approachable to the idea at hand. Most importantly, although I personally believe that it should be taught to the science student; it could never harmoniously coexist since religions such as Christianity and Catholicism rely purely on faith and not science. Therefore, it will always be a debatable issue.

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