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Personal Fitness Plan Example

Current Physical Condition: While I am in relatively good health at this point, I know I can improve my cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and overall wellbeing through physical fitness exercises and a potential change to diet. I do not struggle throughout my day or while doing basic or intermediate laborious tasks but do feel even this could be improved. My primary issue is I feel relatively healthy in many ways, but do not feel I have a firm grasp on my overall health. For example, I do excel more easily at cardiovascular health when I focus my energy on that, but strength building, and flexibility are still difficult. I want to be well-rounded in my health, and outside of nutrition, pursuing these various activities will only be to my benefit.

Current Exercises/Sports: Currently I have tried making running a habit, but it has not gone as planned. I feel as though I need a stricter routing and more accountability, as running is not that difficult to excel at, but discipline can sometimes be lacking. Moreover, I find running rather boring at times, leading me to break up this exercise throughout my week. I swim semi-regularly and participate in yoga or basic calisthenics at least two to three times each week. Throughout the summer I play volleyball and basketball intermittently, but never on a scheduled day or at a specific time.

Future Fitness Goals: I would like to be able to run one mile in under 7 minutes, preferably cutting that down to under 5 minutes and 30 seconds as time goes on. I would like to swim fifteen laps without requiring a break or any rest time. Improving my strength and flexibility are also important to me. While I could focus on improving one thing, my overarching goal in this case is more stable health overall. In so doing I hope to find where I excel physically and athletically, moving forward on my fitness journey in a more focused direction.

Exercise Plan

Day 1: Run one mile, perform weight training for 30 minutes

Day 2: 30 minutes of yoga, recreational sports for at least one hour

Day 3: Run one-mile, recreational sports for at least 30 minutes

Day 4: Swim 20 laps, yoga for 25 minutes

Day 5: Recreational sports for one hour, 20 minutes of yoga

Day 6: Run one mile, weight training for 45 minutes

Day 7: Weight training for one hour, 20 minutes of yoga

Day 8: Swim 20 laps, recreational sports for at least 30 minutes

Day 9: Run one mile, weight training for one hour

Day 10: Swim 15 laps, run one mile, 20 minutes of yoga

Exercise Plan Explanation

The exercise plan is modeled as such to ensure variety, but also to ensure certain muscle groups have the opportunity to recover. For example, on day 1 I run one mile and then life weights. Weightlifting that day will focus on my upper body, as I have already run one mile. Day 2 allows me to stretch my muscles and remain active in a sport that does not place too much strain on parts of my body that may be recovering. The same is said for day three. Day 4 will require swimming, followed by relaxing yoga to rest my muscles and recover once more. Weight training will alternate based on the activity that day, as well as the day previous. Yoga will target areas that may be strained, with special emphasis on muscle groups I used the day before, or that I am now using the most often.

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