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Homeschooling Guidelines to Assure Kid’s Positive Social Life

You must know the multiple benefits of homeschooling if you are contemplating this or already doing this. You’ll have more control over the curriculum, be able to customize teaching to your child’s personal learning style, and avoid the pressures and dangers of public schools. However, are you aware of the major mental and social damage you can cause if you don’t make the right choices?

Every child needs someone to talk to and someone to play with, and they find their mates in school. Have you ever though of what public school kids think of homeschooled kinds? They think they are homeschooled due to some psychological problems or behavioral issues or simply because their parents are weird. Your child might be made fun of or picked on because he isn’t considered normal. You need to take care of these problems if you want your child to attend college just everyone else.

Help Them Make Friends

Friendships with other children of a similar age must be found if they are homeschooled as they cannot be allowed to develop in isolation as this is unhealthy. The following tips will get you started towards placing your child on the track of a positive social life. The best place to start is your own environment and neighborhood? How many children of the same age as your child live around your home? Do you know their parents? If not, try to get going now. Talk to the parents who live close by and tell them about your interest in setting up a play date so they can get to know each other. Since you are the initiator, it is your responsibility to set the ball rolling, so fix up a party and call a clown to liven things up. Call all the kids in the neighborhood along with their parents and set up a ball game, fishing, bowling or similar activities which kids love and even be prepared to baby sit if necessary.

Initiate Them into Sports

Sports are important: Next to school, sports teams provide the best environment for your child to form deep bonds with other kids. They spend a lot of time at practice and root for each other in games and you’ll be meeting other parents while watching all the games. In case your child has some physical handicap, which would prevent him for participating in these types of sports activities make him join groups like girls/boys scout or other similar kid organizations.

Many parents are cautious and have strict guidelines for their homeschooling kids on what they hear on radio, watch on TV or experience on the net. While it is important to keep them away from dangerous situations, it is also important to let them be exposed to the same influences as other children. Remember your kid is fighting a lone battle with other kids who think that he is from Mars, imagine his predicament in public when he shows his ignorance about what is hot on TV, what other kids are wearing at parties and which bands are making a mark? Unless they are exposed to life as it is, they would have a tough time interacting with others and would soon be treated as an alien.

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