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Afghanistan Essay Example

Since the evolution of humanity, wars between nations have frequently been occurring. The cynical minds of tyrants and greedy people are the main reasons for such conflicts. The hunger for power and the lust for money makes leaders unethical in their doings. The war in Afghanistan is one such example. It continued for more than three decades, has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, and destroyed the lives of Afghanis. To the dismay of Afghani citizens, the US troops have withdrawn from the country, leaving the poor souls at the mercy of an extremist group named ‘Taliban.”

The article “At the border with Pakistan, crowds of Afghans gather, hoping for refuge” by the New York Times describes the misery of poor Afghanis that have nowhere to escape. The article mentioned the tormented scenes at the Kabul International Airport when the US soldiers were departing from the country. Thousands of people, including children and women, wanted the US military to extract them to a safe place. Many tried to cross the border and enter Pakistan due to the fear of the Taliban. There is no one to help these people in such desperate times, and they are begging the whole world to take action on this situation (New York Times).

It is the duty of the United States of America to help as many people as they can in providing them safety. The innocent civilians did not call for the war to happen in their country. They are just the victims of the personal agendas of politicians. The main culprits behind the war are hiding in the shadows. The basic human morals give the lesson of empathy and compassion. The condition of Afghanis is very miserable, and without any foreign help, they will have to face many hardships at the hands of the Taliban. In the article, there is a mention of a little Afghani girl who was able to cross the border and enter Pakistan, but his father got lost in the process. There is a high chance that the families of people who seek refuge in another country would be punished by the Taliban. So, extracting as many people as possible from Afghanistan is the need of the hour. As the US was the major nation involved in the war for decades, so it is the duty of the leaders to help the Afghani citizens and provide them food and shelter.

Not only the US but the whole world should alter its views regarding the situation in Afghanistan. Many people believe that the Afghani citizens will be happy under the new Islamic state. People hold such views because the fact majority of the Afghani citizens follow Islam and would like the government to be established according to Islamic principles. That is not the case because after coming to power, the Taliban have decided to impose many restrictions, especially on females. The main agenda of such militant groups is to twist the teachings of religion for their personal benefit. Under such circumstances, oppression will continue to increase. Moreover, the freedom of media will be demolished by the new regime, and the tyranny of the Taliban will go unnoticed. It is high time for the United Nations and the whole world to offer a helping hand to the poor Afghanis and save them from damnation.

All in all, the departure of the US military from Afghanistan has ended the war but created a myriad of new problems. Ordinary citizens of Afghanistan are at the mercy of the extremists. There is no guarantee about the safe future of the children and women in the country. So, it is the duty of the US to collaborate with other nations and help the poor Afghanis. Providing a safe shelter to them in such desperate times will become one of the noblest deeds in the history of humanity.

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