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Global Leadership Essay Example


Global leaders have the sole responsibility in managing and understanding the importance of the macroeconomic factors, socio-environmental factor, and business industry factors that are required to be analyzed to understand comprehensive business strategy. Hence, a properly maintained global team should be managed to control business across the world. This paper discusses Bill Gate’s Microsoft Corporation and how his team manages the global business.


Global business leaders need to address all the critical issues of managing a worldwide team and managing a comprehensive business strategy. Hence, Microsoft Corporation follows the essential ways to manage the comprehensive business strategy and global team-management, which involves the development of a communication system, improvement in leadership strategy, recognizing the working capability of the worldwide team members, respecting socio-cultural diversity, and overcoming the knowledge issue of the team members (Jenkins, 99). Microsoft Corporation understands the need for global strategies that can be used to boost the business globally.

Global Diversity and Inclusion is one of the most differentiating initiatives between Microsoft Corporation and other global businesses (Gleeson). While the majority of the companies have initiatives aimed at strategic diversity, in Microsoft, the Global Diversity initiative involves all the strategies. Microsoft constantly aims to diversify its workforce and teams in order to achieve more with the combined intellect of each member. This strategy further strengthens in a different part of the world where the company hires the local people from different regions. Bill Gate’s leadership aims to achieve closer alignment with the local markets through this strategy. It assists in improving the speed of penetrating the market.

Bill Gates understands the importance of communication in the system. He further has a mindset that aims to reach global audiences, which is important in a global business leader. The points that are focused on are global formalization, worldwide standardization, and global dictate and global delegation (Longo, and McMillan, 79). He regularly communicates with the members of the company in order to ensure that everyone is aligned to work towards the organizational goal. Moreover, it is an effective way of exchanging organizational information. It helps to implement the managerial strategy among the team members across the globe without any additional effort to provide personal information.

While Bill Gates has implemented these strategies, there are certain recommendations that can help the company to improve its operational aspects and overall business. The company should focus on global formalization as an essential approach to unify the global consumers. In addition to this, the team leaders should take the initiative to standardize global customers maintaining all required protocols of global business.

Even though the company focuses on diversity in the workplace, it should improve the efficiency of doing this. It would help in improving the coordination among global team members. Focus on exposure, experience, education, and examination will help the company to achieve more. The leaders of the company must arrange a training and performance understanding program to address the efficiency and knowledge of all the team members of the global organization (Nguyen, 97).


While Microsoft Corporation has managed to implement highly diverse and effective strategies towards the global market, there are some strategies and changes that the company must do to ensure its long-term sustainability in this ever-changing global market. With the improvement in the diverse and effective workforce, training and communication, the company can achieve more. These strategies can help the company to address the efficiency requirement and gain more global market share.

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